Nike Romaleos 3 Release Date

The release of the Nike Romaleos 3 is one of the most hotly anticipated product launches in the weight lifting world and with due merit, it’s been 4 years since Nike released their Romaleos 2 back in 2012.

Release Date

I’m pleased to tell you the wait is almost over as the Nike Romaleos 3 release date has been confirmed by Nike as the 21st of January 2017 and they will be launching with 4 different colorways. You can check out the colors and get your hands on a pair here!

nike romaleos 3 weight lifting shoe

Nike Romaleos 3 Features

So what’s new?


The Romaleos 2 gave little in terms of ventilation, which would often result in hot sweaty feet. It looks like the Romaleos 3 have dealt with this issue by adding air vents throughout with a particular focus in the toe-box area.


The most notable change to the Romaleos 3 from its predecessor is the removal of one the straps in favor of one thicker more central positioned strap.


Nike have gone for a combination of leather and FlyWire. The FlyWire has been used throughout the shoe most likely to reduce the shoe’s overall weight without loss of support.

Heel Height

Still plastic, the heel appears to have been raised in the Romaleos 3 with a 20mm Heel offset




Nike have announced that the Romaleos 3 will be launching in 4 different colors, you’ve seen the black version above and now we can have a look at a few more of the styles courtesy of GarageGymReviews.

Romaleos 3 in Black and Grey

nike romaleos 3 black grey

Romaleos 3 in Black, Red and Grey

nike romaleos 3 black red g

Romaleos 3 in White

nike romaleos 3 in white


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