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Founded in 2014, Barbells&Beards is a space to simplify the world of men’s fitness and wellbeing. With the fitness and lifestyle industry more confusing than ever and the market flooded with an overwhelming choice of gear and gadgets, our mission is simple: to clarify, inform, and empower.

We started Barbells&Beards in recognition of the challenges many face in navigating fitness and grooming practices and products. The sheer volume of options can be daunting, making it difficult to discern what’s beneficial from what’s not, what’s right for you, and what’s not. Here, we share our passion for fitness and our years of experience to cut through the noise, offering clear, concise, and accurate information to help you make more informed choices.

We’re driven by a core set of values that shape everything we do. At the heart of our work is a passion for fitness and grooming, not just as an interest but as a journey to improve quality of life. Any gear we test we buy with our own money, and we do not accept sponsored posts; this allows us to keep our content unbiased and free of any agendas that would detract from providing our honest first-hand experiences. Some of our content contains affiliate links where we make a commission on qualifying purchases.


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Ace Certified Personal Trainer 💪
CrossFit level 1 & 2 🏋
Canadian Ski Instructor Alliance (CSIA) Level 1 & 2 🏂
Canadian Freestyle Ski Association (CFSA) Level 1 🏂
Boston Marathon – ✅
New York Marathon – ✅
London Marathon – ✅
Berlin Marathon – 🏃

Neil has over 25 years of experience in weightlifting, running, and skiing. He holds CrossFit Level 1 & 2 certifications, along with CSIA Level 1 & 2 and CFSA Level 1 from his years as a ski instructor in Alberta, Canada. He has also finished three world marathon majors, with a fourth on the way.

He worked in sports footwear retail for six years and has spent the past 16 years in content strategy for sports and fitness brands. Neil combines his practical experience with strategic insight to deliver honest and engaging knowledge that resonates with athletes and enthusiasts alike. Check out his author page

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Community Feedback

This was great. After 3 months into my fitness journey, this was the info I was looking for. Thank you

Lauryn Partington

“I just started, and it is by far one of the hardest workouts I’ve had. I’m at the bottom of the mountain but the view from the top is what keeps me going up.u“

Sam Stomczyk

“I love seeing these transformations and stories. I started my fitness journey 3.5 years ago and I have never felt so good and so healthy. Keep up the great contentu“

Alexis Lucas