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Hoka One One Clifton 10

The Hoka Clifton is one of the most popular running shoes on the market, known for being lightweight, providing excellent cushioning, and delivering an overall smooth ride. The Clifton series has been around since 2014 and has evolved over the years to meet the needs and preferences of different runners. We look ahead to the release of the next in the series, the Hoka Clifton 10.

Clifton 10 Release Date

The official release date of the Hoka Clifton 10 has yet to be announced, but we have it under good authority that you can expect them to drop in June 2024.

The Clifton series usually follows a yearly update cycle, with new models coming out in February or March. This date could, however be subject to change, but we’ll keep you updated with the latest developments as we hear more.

In the meantime, you can pre-order your Clifton 10s here or check out the latest colors in the Clifton 9.

Clifton 10 Design Expectations

There have yet to be any official images or leaks on the Clifton 10, but we have some insider knowledge and can make some assumptions based on previous performance and the latest trends in running shoe tech.

The Clifton series boasts a minimalistic and sleek design, featuring a simple mesh upper and a thick midsole. The Clifton 9 introduced some changes to the upper and the midsole compared to the Clifton 8, such as a new compression-molded EVA foam for a softer ride, a thinner and more breathable tongue, and a more voluminous fit. We expect the Clifton 10 to continue in this direction, with minor tweaks and improvements to enhance the shoe’s comfort, fit, and durability. We will likely see a more refined mesh material for better ventilation and flexibility, a more secure heel counter to prevent slippage, and a more durable outsole rubber to increase traction and longevity.

Hoka Clifton 10 Design

Performance Expectations

Once we’ve got our hands on a pair to test, we’ll give you a complete rundown of our view on performance for the Clifton 10.

Based on our testing of previous models and our experience with Hoka shoes, we can make some confident assumptions about performance differences with the Clifton 10. The Clifton series specifically caters to neutral runners, providing a cushioned and smooth ride for their daily training and long runs. The Clifton 9 improved on this aspect by adding more cushioning and softness to the midsole while reducing some weight compared to the Clifton 8. The result was a more comfortable and responsive shoe that could handle various paces and distances. We expect the Clifton 10 to further improve this by fine-tuning the midsole foam density and firmness, the rocker shape and angle, and the toe-off transition. We also hope the Clifton 10 will retain its stability and support features, such as the moderate heel bevel, the early-stage Meta-Rocker technology, and the sidewalls that cradle the foot.


What was the Clifton 9 Release Date?

Hoka released the previous model in the Clifton series, the Clifton 9, in February 2023. It has been well-received by many runners and reviewers who praised its comfort, cushioning, responsiveness, fit, breathability, and versatility. It has also received multiple industry awards as one of the best running shoes of the year. However, it also had some drawbacks that some users pointed out, such as its narrow midfoot fit for some foot shapes, its lack of energy return for faster runs, its heel slippage issue for some runners, and its durability concerns for its outsole rubber.

Hoka Clifton History

The Hoka Clifton series has a rich history that dates back to 2014, when it was first launched as one of Hoka’s flagship models. The name “Clifton” comes from a beautiful beach in Cape Town, South Africa, where Nicolas Mermoud, one of Hoka’s co-founders came up with the idea for this shoe while running down Table Mountain. The original Clifton was a game-changer in the running shoe industry as it offered a lightweight (7.7 oz for men’s size 9) yet highly cushioned (29 mm / 24 mm stack height) shoe that defied conventional wisdom at that time when minimalist shoes were popular. The original Clifton also featured Hoka’s signature Meta-Rocker technology, creating a smooth transition from heel to toe and a low-drop (5 mm) design promoting a natural running form.

The Hoka Clifton series is part of Hoka’s larger portfolio of running shoes that cater to different types of runners and terrains. Some of Hoka’s other popular running shoes include the Bondi, the Arahi, the Speedgoat, the Carbon X, and the Mach.

Final Thoughts

The Hoka Clifton 10 is one of the most anticipated running shoes of 2024. We have high expectations that it will continue to deliver a comfortable, cushioned, and versatile ride for neutral runners who want a reliable daily trainer. Check back to this page for release date updates as they become available, or sign up for our newsletter, and we’ll send you updates as we receive them.

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