Crossfit TTB and Proper Technique for Toes to Bar

In Crossfit TTB stands for Toes to Bar.  The movement in which while holding on to and suspended from a bar the feet are moved towards the bar, ending with the toes of both feet connecting with the bar between your hands.

In Crossfit Toes to Bar (TTB) can be performed strict, without any additional body momentum involved in order to complete the movement or by kipping. This is usually dependent on the programming.

Crossfit Toes To Bar Technique – TTB Proper Technique

  1. Hands just outside shoulder width
  2. Full grip on the bar
  3. Start hanging with arms extended
  4. Initiate swing with shoulders
  5. Alternate between arched and hollow positions
  6. Lift feet towards bar while in hollow position
  7. At the same time, push down on the bar with straight arms
  8. Both feet contact the bar between the hands

The following video from Crossfit HQ demonstrates the technique for unbroken Toes To Bar (TTB)

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