Samsung Galaxy Ring Release Date & Info

Samsung Galaxy Ring Release Date

Wearable fitness technology has been evolving rapidly in recent years, offering us new ways to monitor our health, enhance our productivity, and enrich our lives. But what if there was a device that could do it all in a much smaller and sleeker form factor? Meet the Samsung Galaxy Ring, the latest innovation from the tech giant that promises to change the way we live and work.

We look forward to the release date of the Samsung Galaxy Ring and explore everything you need to know, including when you can expect it to drop, the price, design, features, and specs.

Samsung Galaxy Ring Release Date

After much speculation, Samsung officially announced the Samsung Galaxy Ring at its Unpacked event in January 2024.

Although still in development, we have it under good authority from our sources that you can expect the Samsung Galaxy Ring release date in March 2024. Samsung has already trademarked the name ‘Galaxy Ring’, and an icon for the device has appeared in the Galaxy Wearable app, indicating that the device is incoming.

The good news is you can pre-order your ring right here!

Galaxy Ring Price

We expect the Samsung Galaxy Ring to launch at around $300, which is similar to the Oura Ring 3. However, unlike Oura, we are not expecting to see a monthly subscription fee to use its core features and functionality, which immediately makes the Galaxy Ring an attractive price entry to the market.


Samsung Galaxy Ring Design

The design of the Samsung Galaxy Ring is sleek and minimalist, with a circular shape and a smooth surface. Like most smart rings on the market, the device won’t have an OLED display but an LED ring that lights up in different colors.

We also expect to see a touch-sensitive area that allows the user to swipe, tap, or press to interact with the device and connected ecosystems. Built to withstand water, dust, and scratches, the Galaxy Ring is made of a durable and lightweight metal and comes in multiple finishes.

Features and Specs

The Samsung Galaxy Ring offers a range of features and benefits focused on improving our fitness, productivity, and convenience. It will track metrics similar to Samsung’s Smartwatches but in a much smaller form factor. Let’s take a look:

Health and Fitness Tracking – The Samsung Galaxy Ring tracks and reports various health and fitness metrics, including heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, body temperature, sleep quality, and activity levels. Synching with the Samsung Galaxy Health app, users will get an overview of health and wellness alongside personalized recommendations and feedback to improve performance and meet goals.

Charging – Like Oura, the Galaxy ring comes with a wireless charging base that allows users to charge the device from their bedside table without plugging it in.

Smart Home Integration – It’s rumored that the Samsung Galaxy Ring will allow the user to control their smart devices, such as lights, thermostats, security systems, and more, with a simple gesture or voice command. If so, we’ll likely see an integration with Samsung SmartThings, a platform that connects and manages various smart devices and services.

NFC Payments – The Samsung Galaxy Ring will support NFC payments, allowing users to make contactless transactions with their fingers. This functionality also brings the potential to store digital IDs, tickets, coupons, and loyalty cards, enabling the user to access them with a simple gesture.


The Samsung Galaxy Ring looks set to be a promising device that could revolutionize the wearable technology market. The current pricing strategy, with the added bonus of no monthly subscription fee, makes it a very competitive price point that could really shake up the industry.

As the device is still in development, we expect to see more information available and features confirmed in the coming weeks, so be sure to check back to this page for the latest updates as we get them and our full review once we get our hands on it.

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