Nike Metcon 10: Release Date, Price, Design and more

Nike Metcon 10

I’ve been using Nike Metcons for the past nine years, and during that time, I’ve owned almost every model. They’re my go-to strength training shoes in the gym when I’m not solely doing Olympic Lifting, and I use them for CrossFit, where I alternate between Metcons and Nanos, depending on the workout. So, I’m pretty excited for the release date of the Nike Metcon 10 (or X, as they’re calling it). Nike is too, so excited that they’re celebrating their 10-year anniversary of the Metcon by re-releasing their original Metcons in the lead-up to the 10th edition in the form of the Nike Metcon 1 OG in a colorway that’s even called “the road to the Metcon X”.

Nike Metcon 10 Release Date

The official release date has not been officially announced, but I’m confident that the Nike Metcon 10 will be released in August 2024, just days before the 2024 CrossFit Games. The last three models of the Metcon were all launched in August, and the re-release of the Metcon1 OG in a colorway that directly promotes the release of the Metcon 10 (Road to the Metcon X) is set for August 2nd. So, I’m confident that we’ll see the Metcon 10 release this August.

You’ll be able to pre-order your pair of Metcon 10s here.
If you can’t wait that long, the Metcon 9 has some great deals in the run-up to the new model release.

Model Release Date
Nike Metcon 1 February, 2015
Nike Metcon 2 January 25, 2016
Nike Metcon 3 January 5, 2017
Nike Metcon 4 February 14, 2018
Nike Metcon 5 July 8, 2019 (Global)
Nike Metcon 6 August 31, 2020 (Global)
Nike Metcon 7 August 7, 2021 (Global)
Nike Metcon 8 August, 2022 (Global)
Nike Metcon 9 August, 2023 (Global)


Expected Price

While Nike has not officially announced the launch price of the Metcon 10, I expect the Metcon 10 to launch at $150. Nike increased the price of Metcon’s last year for the first time in 6 years with the launch of the Metcon 9, a $20 increase from $130. So we are very unlikely to see a price increase 2 years in a row, especially after such a large bump.

Nike Metcon 10 Price

Rumoured Design and Feature Updates


Feature What to Expect
Weight Approximately 12 oz (340g)
Support Medium to high
Drop 4mm
Cushioning Responsive
Rope Guard Expect to see an update to make this less clunky and visually overpowering
Midsole Dual-density foam for cushioning & stability
Outsole Grippy, Durable rubber with multi-directional treads. Possible update to the TPU heel
Upper Flyknit or updated synthetic overlays for a secure fit & breathability
Sustainability Increased recycled materials

Suitability for Running – My main criticism of the Metcon as a multi-functional trainer is its suitability for running and more agile movements. What makes them great for weightlifting (its solid base, low drop, and rigidness) makes them less suitable for running and faster, more agile movements.

I’m not alone in this thinking:
Reddit user ‘countlongshanks’ says, “Running on Metcon’s sounds terrible. Get a pair of running shoes – save you knees and shins”.

byu/MangoMan8000 from discussion

Reddit user AssociateOrdinary524 says, “Metcon’s are terrible for running. They’re really, really hard shoes”.

byu/LordLongpipe from discussion

Although many might be hoping for an adjustment in the Metcon 10 to cater to more agile movements, I feel they will be disappointed. Nike has the Free Metcons as a hybrid to bridge the gap between lifting and running, and the Metcon’s sturdiness is a big draw for users over the Reebok Nano. Having said that, we might see an update to the large TPU heel that resembles more of a lifting shoe to introduce a little more movement.

Nike Metcon 10 TPU Heel Update

Rope Guard – The large rope guards also feel really clunky and unnecessary. The appeal of a rope guard for most gym users when training is low, and even the average CrossFitters do not do rope climbs enough to justify this clunky and ugly addition.

I’d expect to see the Metcon 10 update the rope guard design to make them more appealing to the average gym-goer.

Nike Metcon 10 Rope Guard Update

What are Nike Metcons good for?

Nike describes their Metcon series as ‘workout shoes for training and the gym,’ essentially designed as versatile multi-functional fitness shoes for high-intensity workouts, weightlifting, and functional fitness.

Although initially designed as a CrossFit shoe, the Metcon series (the Metcon base model and the Free Metcon) has evolved past those roots and is a popular choice among many gymgoers.

Personally, I use Nike Metcons for weight lifting and gym work when I’m not doing Olympic lifts (where I’d use my Romaleos) and for CrossFit workouts with more of an emphasis on strength. I find Metcons super supportive and more rigid, which is great for lifts that require a more solid platform.

For workouts that require more movement and ‘agility,’ I prefer to use something more flexible, like Nanos or Free Metcons.

Metcon’s are More Popular than they’ve ever been!

I recently carried out some research into the popularity of the Nike Metcon, and if you take a look at the results in the graph below, you can see that Nike Metcon’s are more popular than they’ve ever been.

Nike Metcon Search Interest

What’s really interesting is that this increase in popularity comes at a time when CrossFit (the sport for which these shoes were originally designed) is at its lowest interest in the past 7 years and still declining.

The number of searches for Nike Metcon has Increased by 49% over the past 3 years, while people searching for CrossFit locations has decreased by 51%.

I mentioned earlier that the Metcon has evolved beyond being just a CrossFit shoe, and this is a strong argument to suggest Nike’s strategic pivot to make them a more versatile option for general gym and training use has been massively successful. By broadening the appeal of the Metcon, Nike has tapped into a larger market of fitness enthusiasts when, in reality, they could have seen a huge slump in interest and sales—a genius move!

The Metcon 9 launch hasn’t been as impactful as the 7 or 8, with the 9 having 34% lower interest since launch than the Metcon 8, so we should expect to see some moves from Nike to reinvigorate interest, and a 10-year anniversary edition feels like the perfect way to do that.

Nike Metcon Model Search Interest

Check Back for Updates

We’ll update this post as we receive further news and official confirmation of details on the Metcon 10, so be sure to check back for the latest developments

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