Guide to Rich Froning Supplements

Rich Fronings Supplements

As 4 time Crossfit Games champion and poster boy for Crossfit, Rich Froning is arguably the fittest man on earth! As a result there is a lot of interest around the supplements Froning uses, his training methods and his diet.

So to answer some of the questions around Rich Froning’s supplements, I’ve got a complete breakdown for you of his daily supplement routines, from morning to night. Covering off his morning routine, post workout requirements and often overlooked nighttime recovery. For those of you a little more into your training we also look at additional supplements for competitions and cardio intensive workouts. You’re welcome!!

If you’ve got any questions, leave them in the comments.

Rich’s Morning Supplements

First thing in the morning Froning takes 1 scoop of AdvoCare Arginine Extreme, 1 scoop of Mass Impact and two scoops of AdvoCare rehydrate. In the same mix he includes half a scoop or a full scoop of Spark, dependent on how tired he is feeling that day.


Advocare Arginine Extreme

Arginine Extreme Supplement

Arginine Extreme is a pre-workout supplement packed full of Amino Acids and a healthy dose of L-arginine. Link to Best Price

AdvoCare Mass Impact

Mass Impact

Mass Impacts core ingredient is Creatine and promotes muscle growth, strength and volume.
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AdvoCare Rehydrate

Rehydration Supplements

Advocare rehydrate does exactly what it says on the tin, restoring electrolytes and rehydrating the body, preventing cramping and fatigue.
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AdvoCare Spark

Advocare Spark

Advocare Spark is a sugar free energy supplement, providing an effective and quick energy boost.
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Rich’s Post Workout Supplements

Following every training session without fail he takes 2 scoops of AdvoCare Muscle Gain with whole milk. Muscle Gain is low carb protein powder so dependent on his diet and training at the time if he needs to increase his intake of carbohydrates he switches it to 1 scoop of Muscle gain and 1 scoop of  AdvoCare post workout recovery in a shake with full fat milk.

Advocare Muscle Gain

Muscle Gain

Muscle Gain Protein is a performance mix of protein and amino acids that provides the optimal recipe for protein synthesis. Link to Best Price


Advocare Post Workout Recovery

Post Workout Recovery

A higher carb protein supplement for post workout, consisting of protein and glucose polymers to aid in the reduction of DOMs. Link to Best Price


Richs’s Afternoon Supplements

In the afternoon Rich has a very similar mix to his morning stack with 1 scoop of Arginine extreme and 1 scoop of Mass Impact. He tends to steer clear of Spark and caffeine in the afternoon and instead supplements with a V16 Vitamin packet.

V16 Vitamin Supplement

V16 Vitamin Pack

V16 vitamins are caffeine free herbal and vitamin supplements for quick and long lasting energy release. Link to Best Price


Rich’s Night Time Supplements

At night before bed Froning takes AdvoCare NightTime Recovery to help him sleep and recovery throughout the night.

AdvoCare NightTime Recovery – Link to Best Price

Night Time Recovery


On Competition Days

If Rich is competing he takes Muscle fuel, which is a mix of energising minerals and vitamins that helps to supply energy during training and replace lost energy post workout.

AdvoCare Muscle Fuel

Advocare Muscle Fuel


Long Cardio Sessions

If he is doing any long cardio sessions or particularly heavy cardio days he takes O2 Gold. O2 Gold is uniquely designed to support and elevate an athletes daily training routine, by increasing the body’s resistance to stress (chemical and physical) while regulating the body’s use of oxygen when it needs it.

AdvoCare O2 Gold

Advocare O2 Gold


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