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James Bond's Razor

James Bond likes his classic cars, his prestigious watches and his tailored suits, it’s safe to say he has a taste for the finer things in life. He is always immaculately presented and with it extremely well groomed, but just like his fashion tastes he prefers the more traditional shaving methods.

James Bond has a preference for straight razors (also known as cut-throat razors) and the more traditional safety razors, below you can find a guide to the razors James Bond uses throughout his many appearances and where you can find them.

James Bond’s SkyFall Razor

A Straight DOVO Solingen Razor

In 2012’s SkyFall Miss Moneypenny gives Bond a close shave using a cut throat DOVO Solingen Razor. An independent German company, Dovo Solingen has been making quality razors since 1906, specializing in high quality straight cut throat razors.

The straight DOVO Solingen Razor comes certified shave ready with a carbon steel blade, known for their quality you can’t go wrong with a DOVO.

Get James Bond’s Straight Dovo Solingen here !

James Bond Skyfall Razor


007’s Goldfinger Razor

Gillette Slim Handle Adjustable 1-9 Razor

In 1964’s Goldfinger Bond tidies himself up in GoldFinger’s plane using his Gillette Slim Handle Adjustable Safety Razor, but 007 being the spy that he is has a tracking device hidden in the handle of the razor. He removes the tracker from the razor and places it in his shoe so Q can track his movements.

Being a vintage razor the Gillette Slim Adjustable isn’t available new anymore, but you should be able to pick one up on Ebay. For a close alternative pick up the Merkur Safety Razor here.

GoldFinger 007 Razor


Bond’s Live and Let Die Razor

The Schick Injector Razor

In 1973’s Live and Let Die James Bond shaves with the Schick Injector Razor Type L at the San Moniquan hotel. The Type L ceased manufacture in 1980 but luckily Schick have brought the style back with their classic single edge razor.

Try the Schick Classic Single Edge Razor here.

schick live and let die james bond razor


On Her Majesty’s Secret Service Razor

Hoffritz Heavy Toothed Razor

Ian Fleming paints a picture of Bond’s use of heavy toothed razor in a number of his outings, in ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’ 007 is sporting a heavy toothed Hoffritz razor which also contains a compartment in the handle where Bond can hide his tools of espionage, such as “codes, microdot developers, cyanide and other pills”.

Although Hoffritz are still around, they no longer make razors, so it’s going to be hard to pick one of these up new. Luckily Merkur still make the same heavy toothed style razor, which gives the same shaving experience with that classic bond look  try a Merkur Heavy Duty here.

007 razor on her majestys secret service

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