Brooks Glycerin 21 Release Date

Brooks Glycerin 21 Release Date

The Glycerin is one of Brooks’s most popular max-cushioned trainers, designed to provide a plush and comfortable ride for long miles on the road. We look ahead to the release date of the Brooks Glycerin 21 and what differences you can expect to see from the newest model in the series.

Brooks Glycerin 21 Release Date – UPDATE (Now Available)

The Brooks Glycerin 21 was released in January 2024. This release date is later than many fans had hoped for; the series usually follows an annual release cycle and typically around July/August, with the last model launching in July 2022.

The January 2024 release date extends the gap between releases to 18 months. However, the delay also means you can find great deals on the previous model, the Brooks Glycerin 20.

You can now get your hands on new Brooks Glycerin 21 here.

Brooks Glycerin 21 Cost

The Brooks Glycerin 21 will launch at $160 (or £132), the same price tag as the Brooks Glycerin 20 on launch. This is a reasonable price for a high-quality, max-cushioned trainer that offers a lot of comfort and durability.


The Brooks Glycerin 21 is expected to have some minor updates in its design. The Glycerin has always been a consistent and reliable shoe that does not change much from version to version. Here’s what you can expect from its design features:

Upper – The upper of the Brooks Glycerin 21 has a breathable and stretchy mesh that adapts to the shape of your foot and is known for having a superb, comfortable, and plush upper that feels like a sock. We expect to see additional padding in the collar and tongue for extra comfort and cushioning. The Brooks Glycerin 21 will be medium in the forefoot and heel, with a snug-fitting sock-like design; however, a wider version will also be available on launch.

Brooks Glycerin 21 Upper

Midsole – The midsole of the Brooks Glycerin 21 features the same DNA Loft foam from the past four versions of the shoe. DNA Loft is a soft and responsive foam that provides a smooth and cushioned ride.

We also expect the 21 to have a slightly softer density than the Glycerin 20 for increased comfort and energy return, especially for longer runs.

Outsole – The outsole of the Brooks Glycerin 21 will have a new configuration, with more rubber coverage and a different pattern. It will also use the new RoadTack rubber, which is environmentally friendly with recycled silica content and improves traction on uphill and downhill surfaces in both wet and dry conditions. We would have previously told you to avoid wet surfaces with the Glycerin, so the introduction of RoadTack rubber is a welcome addition to increase the shoe’s versatility.

Brooks Glycerin 21 Outsole


The Brooks Glycerin 21 will perform similarly to the Brooks Glycerin 20, with slight improvements in cushioning and transition. The Glycerin 21 will be a medium-soft, max-cushioned trainer that is best suited for easy-paced runs, recovery days, and long miles on the road. The Glycerin 21 might not be the most responsive or energetic shoe, but it will provide a smooth and stable ride that will protect your feet and joints from the impact of running.

Brooks Glycerin 21

When did the Brooks Glycerin 20 Come Out?

The previous model of the Brooks Glycerin, the Brooks Glycerin 20, was released in July 2022 and was a well-received running shoe that offered a great balance of cushioning and support. The 20 was rated as one of the best running shoes of 2022 by many reviewers and runners.

What Are Brooks Glycerin good for?

The Brooks Glycerin is a good shoe for runners looking for a max-cushioned trainer that offers a lot of comfort and durability. The shoe is ideal for runners with a high arch or neutral pronation, as it has no stability features or correction. Traditionally, the Glycerin has been more suitable for dry road surfaces, but the introduction RoadTack rubber in the Glycerin 21 makes it suitable for a broader range of wet surfaces and terrains.

Overall, the Glycerin 21 is a great shoe for training, recovery, and long-distance running, as it will provide a lot of cushioning and protection for your feet and joints.

Brooks Glycerin History

Brooks has been making running shoes since 1914 and has a wide range of running shoes for different types of runners, preferences, and terrains, including the Ghost, the Launch, and the Beast.

The Brooks Glycerin is one of the oldest and most successful running shoes from their lineup and first launched in 1999. Inspired by the song Glycerine by the band Bush, the Glycerin has always been the flagship model of the Brooks cushion category, featuring the most innovative and advanced cushioning technology. Having gone through 20 editions so far, the Glycerin has always been a consistent and reliable shoe that does not change much from version to version.

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