Brooks Launch 11 Release Date & Info

Brooks Launch 11 Release Date

The Brooks Launch series has a legacy of delivering super-lightweight speed and versatility for runners. We look ahead to the release date of the Brooks Launch 11, the latest model in the series, which promises to deliver a lightweight and responsive experience while improving on a much-loved running shoe.

Brooks Launch 11 Release Date

The Brooks Launch 11 will be released in June 2024. Like many of the flagship Brooks models, the Launch follows an annual release cycle; this had previously been the start of every year up until the Launch 9, when the release moved to March. Brooks then moved to a summer release for the Launch 10 and we expect this new summer release schedule to continue for the 11th version.

Model Release Date
Launch 5 January, 2018
Launch 6 February, 2019
Launch 7 January, 2020
Launch 8 January 1, 2021
Launch 9 March 1, 2022
Launch 10 July 1, 2023

Be sure to pre-order your pair of Launch 11s here.

Alternatively, if you can’t wait that long, there are some exciting new colorways in the Launch 10

Brooks Launch 11 Cost

The Launch 11 will retail at $110 on its release, which is lower than some comparable shoes on the market. The Brooks Ghost 15, another neutral running shoe with more cushioning, costs $130.


The Launch 11 features some updates from the previous version, such as:

Upper – The Launch 11 has a new engineered mesh upper that is more breathable and flexible than the Launch 10. The mesh has small perforations that allow air to flow through the shoe, keeping your feet cool and dry. The upper also has a seamless construction that reduces the risk of irritation and blisters, while the tongue and collar are lightly padded for comfort and support. The heel counter is rubberized for durability and stability, and the toe box is rounded for more room and toe splay.

Midsole – The Launch 11 has a redesigned midsole with more BioMoGo DNA foam for a softer and bouncier feel. BioMoGo DNA is a responsive and adaptive cushioning material that adapts to your stride, weight, and speed and biodegrades faster than traditional EVA foam.

The midsole also has a transition zone that helps you move smoothly from heel to toe, and the drop of the Launch 11 is 9 mm, compared to 10 mm in the Launch 10, meaning the heel is 9 mm higher than the forefoot, which is a moderate difference that suits most runners.

Outsole – Brooks Launch 11 has a durable rubber outsole that provides traction and grip on various surfaces. The outsole has a blown rubber forefoot that adds cushioning and responsiveness, a segmented crash pad that absorbs shock and enhances stability, and a flex groove pattern that improves flexibility and natural foot movement. The heel is constructed from an HPR Plus material, which resists abrasion and wear.

Brooks Launch 11 Outsole

What is the Brooks Launch 11 Good For

The Launch 11 is great for runners looking for a fast and fun shoe that can handle a variety of distances and paces. It’s suitable for runners with a neutral foot type and a medium to high arch and is perfect for those seeking a moderate amount of cushioning and responsiveness.

The Launch 11 is great for roads, tracks, and treadmills, as it has a durable and grippy outsole, but it is likely best avoided for use on trails, as it lacks traction on uneven terrains.

When did the Brooks Launch 10 Come Out?

The previous model, the Launch 10, was released in July 2023. The Launch 10 was well-received by many runners for its responsive and cushioned ride. It had a slightly higher drop of 10 mm, a slightly heavier weight of 9.2 oz for men and 7.9 oz for women, and a slightly different upper and midsole material.

Brooks Launch History

Brooks promotes its ‘Run Happy’ motto to inspire people to run and be active. The brand also delivers exceptional quality and performance across all running categories, for example:

– Advanced Cushioning – In The Ghost, the Glycerin, and The Revel
– Exception Trail Shoes – In The Cascadia, The Caldera, and The Catamount
– Unrivalled Support – In The Adrenaline, the Transcend, and the Bedlam

Since its launch in 2009, Brooks has continually updated and improved the Launch series:

– Launch 1 (2009)
– Launch 2 (2015) added more cushioning and a smoother transition zone
– Launch 3 (2016) added more breathability and a more flexible outsole
– Launch 4 (2017) added more responsiveness and a more streamlined upper
– Launch 5 (2018) added more durability and a more stylish design
– Launch 6 (2019) added more comfort and a more adaptive midsole
– Launch 7 (2020) added more speed and a more lightweight feel
– Launch 8 (2021) added more sustainability and a more eco-friendly material
– Launch 9 (2022) added more stability and a more rubberized heel
– Launch 10 (2023) added more bounce and a more BioMoGo DNA foam

Final Thoughts

The Brooks Launch 11 looks set to be a fast and fun running shoe designed for speed and versatility at an affordable price. Be sure to check back to this page for further updates as we receive them and a full review once we get our hands on a pair.

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