Nike Metcon 9 Release Date

Nike Metcon 9 Release Date

As a leading fitness apparel brand, Nike’s Metcon series of training shoes are considered one of the best for CrossFitters, gym goers and even some weightlifters. The Metcon shoes are designed to give durability and stability during workouts while at the same time the versatility needed in CrossFit to effectively perform various types of exercises, from heavyweights to high-intensity training. We look ahead to the release of their latest model, the Nike Metcon 9, take a sneak peek at its design and features and let you know when you can expect it to drop.

Nike Metcon 9 Release Date

The release date for the Nike Metcon 9 will be August 2023.

We will provide further details as they become available. Still, our sources tell us the release will follow a similar pattern to the previous Metcon 8 and Metcon 7 models.

This date has yet to be officially confirmed by Nike, so the actual release date may vary depending on various factors. We’ll update you as soon as we get more information from Nike or other reliable sources.

You’ll be able to pre-order your pair of Nike Metcon 9s here.

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Metcon 9 Design

Nike Metcon 9 Leak

The Nike Metcon 9 design is expected to be similar to the Metcon 8, which was released in 2022. The Metcon 8 featured a sleeker, more streamlined look than its predecessors, with a chunkier sole containing React foam and a reworked upper with a lace lock system. The Metcon 9 will retain these features while adding improvements and new modifications. For example, the Metcon 9 will have a more breathable mesh upper, a wider toe box, and a more flexible forefoot. The shoe will also come in different colorways and styles, including a FlyEase version for easy on/off and a Premium version for extra durability.

Metcon 9 Performance

From a performance perspective, the Nike Metcon 9 will have a dual-density midsole with React foam for cushioning and stability, a carbon fibre plate in the heel for rigidity and support, and a rubber outsole with ridged traction for grip and durability.

The shoe will also have a more oversized rope wrap on the medial side for rope climbs, an additional insert for extra heel height and stability during weightlifting, and a wide diamond-shaped heel for balance and stability. Making the Metcon 9 ideal for weightlifting, high-intensity work, rope climbs, sled pushes, agility drills, and more.

Nike Metcon 9 colorways

When Did Nike Metcon 8s Come Out?

The Nike Metcon 8s came out in August 2022, following the release of the Metcon 7s in July 2021. Fans of the series highly anticipated the Metcon 8s, as they featured some significant changes and improvements from the previous models.

The Metcon 8s were praised for their stability, versatility, durability, and comfort. They were also endorsed by Mat Fraser, the four-time CrossFit Games champion and one of the most influential athletes in the fitness world.

What Are Nike Metcons Good For?

Nike Metcons are suitable for various workouts requiring stability, durability, and versatility. They are perfect for CrossFit and weightlifting, providing a solid base for heavy lifts and explosive movements.

Nike Metcons are also suitable for high-intensity training, as they have cushioning and flexibility in the forefoot for jumps and sprints. They can also handle rope climbs, sled pushes, agility drills, and other functional fitness exercises.

Can You Run in Nike Metcon Shoes?

You can run in Nike Metcon shoes, but only for short distances. The shoes are not designed for running long distances or at fast paces. They are too heavy, stiff, and flat for running comfortably and efficiently.

If you need to run as part of your workout or warm-up, you can use the Nike Metcons for up to one mile. However, if you need to run longer or faster than that, you should switch to running shoes that are more suitable for running.

Running shoes have more cushioning, flexibility, and responsiveness than CrossFit shoes. They also feature variations in shapes and drops to accommodate different foot types and styles. Running shoes can help you run faster, smoother, and safer than Metcons.

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