Nike Pegasus 41 Release Date & Info

Nike air Pegasus 41 Relase Date

The Nike Pegasus series is one of the most popular and reliable running shoes in the market, offering a balance of cushioning, responsiveness, and durability for every kind of run and every kind of runner. We look ahead to the release of the Nike Pegasus 41, when you can expect it to arrive, and what you can expect to see from developments in its design and performance.

Nike Pegasus 41 Release Date

The Nike Pegasus 41 will be released in June 2024. The Pegasus series follows a consistent release cycle of one year and consistently around April, so we’re seeing the 41 a little later this year.
The Nike Pegasus 40 launched in April 2023, following the release of the Nike Pegasus 39 in April 2022.

We’ve got good news: you can pre-order your pair of Pegasus 41 here!

Or, if you can’t wait, there are some great deals on the Pegasus 40 as we approach the new edition release.

Model Release Date
Pegasus 40 April, 2023
Pegasus 39 April 28, 2022
Pegasus 38 April 29, 2021
Pegasus 37 April 28, 2020
Pegasus 36 May 30, 2019
Pegasus 35 May 15, 2018

How Much Will It Cost?

Although Nike has not officially announced a price, the Nike Pegasus series is known for its more affordable price point, and we expect it to retail at the same price as the previous model releases. You can expect to pay $130 (or £105) for the regular version and $140 (or £115) for the premium version. The premium version offers more style and colorway options.

Nike Pegasus 41 Design

The Nike Pegasus 41 will offer a variety of new colorways for men and women, but our sources tell us we’re only likely to see a new upper with the release of the latest edition in the series.

Upper – Nike is expected to introduce a further refined mesh upper, focusing on maximizing breathability and ensuring a snug fit. Innovations might lean towards sustainable materials, aligning with the brand’s recent emphasis on eco-friendliness.

Nike air Pegasus 41 New Design

Midsole & Outsole – The midsole and outsole will likely remain the same as the Nike Pegasus 40. The Nike Pegasus 40 has a new mid-foot band, a single-layer mesh upper, and two Zoom Air units at the forefoot and heel. The mid-foot band provides a more secure fit and prevents the foot from sliding inside the shoe. The mesh upper is more breathable and lightweight than the previous versions. The Zoom Air units are responsive and springy, giving a smooth and fast ride.

Nike Pegasus 41 Outsole


Nike Pegasus 41 Performance

The performance of the Nike Pegasus series is what makes it stand out from other running shoes. The shoe is versatile and dependable, suitable for any run length, pace, or terrain.
The Nike Pegasus 41 will offer a versatile and dependable running experience.

Cushioning – The shoe will have a balanced cushioning system with a fusion of React foam and Zoom Air units, ensuring a comfortable ride

Responsiveness – The dual Zoom Air units in the Pegasus 40 will see a return in the Pegasus 41, bringing a responsive feel that will help you push your speed and power.

Durability – Expect a robust outsole, with a blend of harder rubber on high-wear zones and softer rubber for traction, ensuring the shoe stands up to miles of use.

When Did The Pegasus 40 Come Out?

The Nike Pegasus 40 was released in April 2023. Following its release, the Pegasus 40 quickly became a firm favorite amongst the running community. It has also won several awards from various publications and websites, such as Runner’s World Best Buy Award, Running Shoes Guru Editor’s Choice Award, and The Running Channel Best Running Shoe Award.

Nike Pegasus History

The Nike Pegasus series has a long and rich history that dates back to 1983 when the first model was launched. The name Pegasus comes from the mythical winged horse that symbolizes speed and flight.

Nike created the Pegasus to be a running shoe for everyone, regardless of their skill level, budget, or style. Its design made it adaptable and versatile, able to handle any run or challenge.

Over the years, the Nike Pegasus series has evolved and improved, incorporating new technologies and innovations, such as Air cushioning, Flywire cables, Flyknit material, React foam, and ZoomX foam.

The Nike Pegasus series is one of the world’s best-selling and most-loved running shoes, with over 40 million pairs sold. It is also one of the longest-running and most consistent running shoes in the market, with over 40 models released. It is a shoe that has inspired and influenced generations of runners, from beginners to elites.

If you want to spend a little more on your runner, Nike has plenty of options. The Nike Vomero is a higher-end, more stable, and comfier ride than the Pegasus. Nike Vaporfly, with its carbon plate technology, is an ideal choice for longer distances and marathons. Nike Zoom Fly is the speedier racer favorite.

Nike Pegasus Timeline

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a versatile and dependable running shoe that can handle any run and won’t break the bank, then the Nike Pegasus 41 is for you. As one of the most loved runners on the market, we’re really excited to give these a test drive. Be sure to check back to this page for more updates and details once we get our hands on a pair.

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