Looking after your Mo this Movember

Looking after your movember moustache


It’s that time of year again when men around the country grow a moustache in the name of men’s health. Oh how I do love Movember!

November is a great cause raising money and huge amounts of awareness for men’s health.  If you’re not yet aware, firstly, where have you been? Secondly, you need to get involved.

Whether this November you are cultivating a hairy handlebar to raise money for charity, pruning a bushy walrus to fit in with your fellow mo bros, donning a furry upper lip to not look out of place in East London, or just using Movember as the perfect excuse to try out that lip accessory at the time of year when judgement will be at its lowest…. you’re going to need to know how to keep it in shape.


Looking After Your Moustache

1. Condition

 When you’re first starting our your new lip rug is going to take some getting used to, you will probably find your moustache will feel uncomfortable, itch and generally just feel quite strange compared what you are used to.
Applying conditioner to your tache on a daily basis will keep those bristles feeling soft and supple and help to reduce itchiness.


2. Comb

Once you start to cultivate your Mo there’s every chance you may start to experience ingrowing hairs which can result in rather unsightly and uncomfortable blemishes. By combing your moustache on a regular basis you can help to prevent ingrowing hairs with the added benefit of a stylish new accessory.

Try Kent’s Moustache and Beard Comb


 Kent Moustache Comb

3. Hydrate with beard oil

Facial hair tends to draw moisture away from your skin and can leave your upper lip feeling dry and flaky…..a mo littered with dead skin is not a good look, so it’s important to keep the area hydrated on a daily basis.
The solution is a dedicated facial hair oil for hydration which is good for both moustaches and beards.
Mr Natty Franks Beard Elixir

4. Trim

 There are countless moustache styles to choose from that are going to require a range of attention and sculpting and even if you decide to shoot for that rugged untamed beast look you’re still going to want avoid  tache that sucks up your excess dinner, so trimming is essential.
I recommend a combination of beard trimmer and facial hair scissors to keep your Mo in check. The trimmer to sculpt your chosen style and scissors to keep it tidy and get rid of any longer stray hairs making a break for it.


5. Wax

 Moustache wax isn’t just for twirling those furry tips between your forefinger and thumb, wax will give shape and definition and help to obtain the style of Mo you are going for. The key here is to allow a small amount of wax to warm between your fingertips and then gently start to work it into your moustache, shaping and styling as you go.
Try Foad Wax moustache wax
 Foad Wax moustache wax
You can donate to a fellow Movember Mo Bro or directly to the Movember foundation at the following link uk.movember.com/donate 

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