Rich Froning Documentary 2015 – The Fittest Man In History

Rich Froning Documentary 2015

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If you’re into Crossfit or a fan of Rich Froning, watch this documentary, you won’t be disappointed!

The Rich Froning Documentary attempts to cover every aspect of his life. Needless to say the documentary covers aspects of his training and diet, but what really stands out are the emotional moments and a personal look at what goes into the makings of the fittest man in the world. At times often uncomfortably awkward we get a look at the humble Rich, with everything from a look into his faith and the day of his baptism to the day he adopted his daughter Lakelyn. Froning is reduced to tears at one point pleading for young mothers to reconsider abortion and expressing his happiness at the gift of adoption.

We then get a look at the 2014 Crossfit Games with footage and interviews between events and some great moments from Josh Bridges. There’s a serious of vids of Froning recounting his thoughts throughout the 2014 games when it was looking as if he might not retain his title as Crossfit Games champion for the 4th year in a row. These recounts are interspersed with some amazing montages as it all comes together, think Rocky Balboa bringing it back from the edge of defeat.

Mixed in with Rich showing just how tough he is is a great segment from the Saturday night of the games with Froning and his band of misfits attempting to change Lakelyn’s diaper. It’s a great touch in between the muscle and testosterone to remind you how human he actually is.

The Froning documentary has some great grainy footage from Rich’s youth, playing baseball, American Football, lifting weights and it gives a great look into the man behind the muscle, which he usually tries to keep at arm’s-length by diverting attention to god or his competitors, but I couldn’t help thinking I wanted more.  This is a documentary paid for by Crossfit HQ which is in your head throughout and as a result I couldn’t help feeling felt that I hadn’t been shown the whole picture. None the less it’s a great documentary that leaves you wanting to go and smash some iron.

Itunes Rich Froning
Give it a go and if you want more, here’s the trailer for Rich Froning the fittest man in history:


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